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Fire in our heart and ice in our veins

  Welcome to Boonville, New York.

  The birthplace of Adirondack Cup Snowmobile Racing and proudly known as "The Snowmobile Capital of The East."  

   Located in the foothills of the Adirondacks, bordering the Tug HIll Plateau - where snow is measured in feet, not inches.

   Snowmobiling has been a part of our heritage since its inception.  

  Snowmobile racing, however,  has become our legacy. 

  Racing in Boonville began in the early 60s- attracting over 40,000 snowmobile enthusiasts.   It wasn't long before Boonville became world famous for its racing. And even though racing ended in the late 70s, many were left frozen at the ending of an era.

   Until 2007.

   A small dedicated group of Boonvillians banded together and formed the Boonville Snow Festival II.

  The group hosted  Adirondack Cup Racing in January 2007 - for the first time in nearly three decades! 

      For years, the 1/2 mile ice oval in Boonville has called to those with fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. It's in our blood, and in the blood of those who travel here year after year, generation after generation.


 We are proud of the history we've made here,  and every year we build an ice track to prove it.

   The Boonville Snow Festival



Visit and search for the Boonville Snow Festival.  You will find some great videos from spectators in the crowd, to the racers behind the handlebars, such as the video above.

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