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2023 Purse
Race Forms




  1. All racer's will need ISR insurance, if you don't have a season insurance the cost for the weekend is $50.00 per racer.  Proof of insurance is required at registration.
  2. All racer's are required by ISR insurance to have race receivers when racing.   You can purchase them at Walmart or off Ebay.  This is a great safety item and we are all about safety first!!
  3. DEPENDENT ON TRACK: Test & Tune Friday 1 to 4 with entry fee is $25.00 PER SLED!
  4. Weekend pass is $25.00 per person. A driver will receive two pit passes one for the driver and mechanic, additional ones will be available for  $10.00 each.
  5. Registration Open on Friday at 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  6. Minimum of 6 sleds entry is needed for guaranteed purse class.  The purse will be adjusted if the minimum sleds isn't reached.

Dear Vintage and Pro Racers:


  It has been a long hard road bringing snowmobile racing back to Boonville.

   Some of you have been able to race here every year, others have been here only a few times. Equally, you have all become part of the infamous history that is built upon this ice track year after year.  

   Adirondack Cup Racing has put Boonville back on the map.

   Together we have brought winter tourism back to our small town and are once again famous for being the "Snowmobile Capital of the East!"  

   So this year, when you ride out onto the ice, look at the crowd standing on the snow bleachers and huddled in the grand stand, wave to them, and know, they came to Boonville to watch you race.

  Thank you for supporting our small hometown and putting on such a great show, year after year.


We'll see you on the ice!


Racer’s and Pit Crew Members need to carry their own racing insurance to race at any ISR Race. You must check with your racing organization for that information.

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