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Early Snow Festival

Early Snow Festival

Early Snow Festival

Early Snow Festival

Billy Carter Attends Snow Festival

Billy Carter Attends Snow Festival

Billy Carter attended the Boonville Snow Festival to promote Billy Beer. He is shown above at the Hulbert House in Boonville

Early Adirondack Cup Trophies

Early Adirondack Cup Trophies

Today's trophy was designed after the original trophy from the early 60s and 70s.


  The Snowmobile racing history in Boonville New York is second to none.  

  "Winter Warriors" were born AND made here.  

  Eventually nicknamed the "Snowmobile Capital of the East," Boonville was world famous in the 60s and 70s for its racing, which attracted upwards of 40,000 people from all walks of life.

  The original Boonville Snow Festival board dissapated in the late 70s, ending snowmobile racing in Boonville, leaving many wanting more....for decades to come.

   In the summer of 2006, a core group of people gathered to discuss the possibilty of bringing back racing to Boonville.  After getting approval from the "powers that be," the core group formed the Boonville Snow Festival II and held the races in January 2007.

  This year we celebrate 10 great years!

We wouldn't have gotten this far without a great team of hard core volunteers, charitable sponsors, racers, spectators and support from our town and village.  THANK YOU!!

   We'll see you at the Races!


1966- Ron Ouimet, Adams Mass.

1967- Vern Sabin, Tupper Lake, NY

1968- Larry Colton, Three River Falls, Minn.

1969- Charles Lofton, Thief River, Minn.

1970- Kemp Dates, Fair Haven, NY

1971- James Sul, Harbor Creek, PA

1972- Larry Omans, Erieville

1973- Ron Hall, Central Square, NY

1974- Keith Armstrong, Bennington, VT

1975- Ron Hall, Central Square, NY

1976- Steve Ognibene, Batavia, NY

1977- James Worden, Oswego County, NY

1978- Herb Yancey, Lowville


2007- Jacques Villeneuve, Quebec - EPTC* Pete Shields, Remsen - NNYVSR*

2008- Aaron Fellows - EPTC* 

Mike Fairbrother, Jr. Yorkville - NNYVSR*

2009- Jacques Villeneuve - EPTC* 

Mark Bellinger, Boonville - NNYVSR*

2010- Jacques Villeneuve - EPTC* 

Sean Wood, Spencer, Mass. - NNYVSR

2013: Eastern Pro Tour: Felipe Roy-Lalonde,  St. Jude Quebec 

 Mike Platt from Boonville  - NNYVSR

Derek Ellis from Fargo, North Dakota - East Coast Snow Cross


2007 - George Capron, Boonville NY

2008 - Clifford "Shine" Reese, Port Leyden NY

2009 - Andy Seelman, West Leyden NY

2010 - Betty Haig, Constableville NY

2011 - Ed Stabb, Boonville NY

2012 - Ron Bourgeois, Boonville NY

2013 - Carol Crawford, Sauquoit NY

2014 - Thaddeus "Ted"  Egnaczyk, Boonville, NY

2015 - George Kline, Boonville NY

2019 -  David Ernst, Boonville NY

Boss Cat @ BSF

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